Friday, August 19, 2011

Keeping Connected in a Mobile Business World

By: Javi Calderon on Sunday, August 07, 2011
Keeping the Company Connected in a Mobile Business World:

There is no question that today’s business landscape calls for businesses to be flexible and mobile. With more work getting done outside of the office, the demands on a company’s communications systems are higher and more diverse than ever before. In any competitive business environment dependable communication is a must.

Data and voice service providers have developed a myriad of solutions to meet the ever-growing and unique needs of their customers, aiming to provide communications solutions that help expand a business’s capabilities instead of constricting them.

Certainly, the days of rigid job descriptions are over; instead of focusing on one task, employees in today’s businesses are constantly asked to coordinate with different groups, colleagues and clients on a variety of projects -- and they rely on communications tools that are as adaptable as they are.

As much as the Internet may be one of the underlying causes of this shift to mobile business, it is also the tool that has allowed the telecommunications industry to keep up with (and facilitate) the mobile worker. Innovations like broadband Internet, and VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) provide companies from micro businesses to billion-dollar corporations with reliable service, a litany of useful features to help them stay connected, and flexible options to fit the solution to the need.

For example, the innovation of cloud computing can be used to simplify IT processes -- in order to free up man-power, do more with fewer employees, or simply reduce costs -- or as storage for company files: as a backup or a way to grant mobile workers with access to necessary documents.

In terms of flexibility, not only does VoIP provide a long list of features like conference calling, virtual receptionist, and “follow me” features, but it even allows for business owners to chose whether they would like to have the service connected through their old phone systems (integrated voice service) or replace them with one that will be fully managed and maintained by the service provider (hosted voice service).

If efficiency and flexibility are the keys to business success, they begin with reliable and responsive communications and equipment. The business world is a battle of the survival of the fittest, the only way to succeed is to adapt and evolve.