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Your Extreme Makeover

Your Extreme Makeover
By: Tony Rubleski, Mind Capture
At the end of each year, before I set my annual goals for the upcoming year, I take stock and look back on what I’ve learned, good and bad, in the preceding year. I can tell you that 2011 was a wild year full of many closings and promising new beginnings within my own life.
This ability to self-reflect is powerful, yet so few people do it consistently beyond a few New Year’s resolutions that are often broken or forgotten within 2-3 days into the New Year.

To help inspire and keep you motivated long beyond the first week of January, I’ve included a ‘Mind Capture Nation’ favorite from the article archives written six-years ago that I’d like to share with you as we wrap up the final days of December. Enjoy!

What if you had only one day to live?
What would you do? Who would you call? What would you say to those you love and trust the most? These are heavy questions, but I encourage you to stay with me and read onward.

I’m often baffled by how unhappy most people seem these days. I use “seem” because far too many people let others dictate their attitude and outlook on life. When you wake up each day, ask yourself this simple yet profound question: what am I thankful for? By asking this, you’ll quickly develop a habit of building positive energy and productive thoughts.

I’m not Dr. Phil or Oprah by any means, and I’m thankful to be who I am. While these two people are wildly successful and living life fully engaged and at full throttle, I can’t imagine how plain and routine the world would be if we were all exactly like them.

In the business world, where I spend most of my waking hours, I often find the most successful people have three common characteristics from which we can all learn from and apply to our everyday lives.

#1. They are problem solvers, not complainers. For every problem they solve, they are aware that new ones can quickly sprout up like weeds. These successful people look at problems as temporary roadblocks that are a natural part of life. The key difference with them is that they ask positive questions to solve the issue at hand.

Most people would rather give up, complain or simply turn around and ignore the problem. Winners know that this is not a productive or solution-based strategy to employ.

#2. They strive to learn and improve each day. School is never out for the pro. Each day is a new world of people, experiences and knowledge from which to learn and gain perspectives. In life, not everything stays the same; change is the only constant. Stability is a good thing, yet to ignore the changes and new information is to live in a perpetual state of denial.

#3. They realize the present moment is valuable and not to be wasted.  Yesterday is in the past, and tomorrow is only a dream. Time is finite and cannot be replaced. Each day they strive to get better, serve others and live life to its fullest.

These three characteristics share an important commonality: the ability to take life one day at a time and treasure the importance of each new sunrise. Planning ahead is necessary, but taking action each day is central to making gradual and long-term positive change a reality.

In closing, I’d like to issue a challenge: imagine that each day could be your last. Again, arise each day by giving thanks and counting your blessings, not your problems. Build momentum to help yourself and those around you.
The world has a never-ending need for your skills, talents and leadership abilities. It would be a tragedy to live most of your life regretting the past or endlessly thinking about your future. Spend more of your precious time on today.
Yours in Success,
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